What Works Best for Your Employees: Team Building or Individual Perks?

Published 26 Mar 2020

Ever considered to extend employees’ compensation packages with fun activities outside of work hours? You may be surprised but not everyone in your company will appreciate this move. And here’s why.

Who is team building for?

When surveying startups and corporate employees, we asked a simple question: What can a company do for you to make you happier at work?

Those who mentioned team building, claimed they don’t have much stress at work. They work in a pleasant work environment and are eager to spend more time with their colleagues just because they enjoy it.

What about those people who experience work pressure on a daily basis? They are often happy to escape from the office. Those who have families tend to spend time at home, others are looking for physical and mental activities that are opposite to their functions at work.

— What is the best way for you to recharge and relax from work?
— Doing something completely unrelated like reading a book or watching something mindless.
(from the survey)

Can individual corporate perks replace team building?

You can’t make everyone happy, especially if you decide how your team should spend time together. Introverts will try to abandon these events, workers with kids will not stay long, other may just be unhappy with your activity plan or the day you’ve chosen.

The beauty of personalized perks is that each employee can keep their own pace. Imagine a world where your colleagues can decide when they want to enroll in a course and what course it should be. Full freedom and no control — this is what corporate staff can keep to themselves.

Should there be any compromise?

Sure. What if you offer your employees to enroll in individual sports or wellbeing sessions and then encourage colleagues to join? That’s how your employees always have a choice: either to be part of the group or attend courses on their own.

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