My teams are based in multiple locations. Can I use Olaf for all of them?

We offer in-person services in 16 countries around Europe. Most of our partners also provide services online so your employees can benefit from our perks anywhere in the world. 

What do I pay for Olaf?

First, you have monthly fees per employee. The total amount depends on your selected pricing plan and the number of your employees. Second, you need to top up your perk balance which will be distributed across your employees. It will be used to set a monthly allowance to spend on the perks of their choice.

If you have 50 employees and allocate 80€ to each person per month, your monthly budget would be calculated as follows:

  • Monthly fees: 50 employees x 9.99€ = 499.50€
  • Perk budget per month: 50 employees x 80€ = 4,000€ 
  • Total spending per month: 4,499.50€.
How can I track the performance of employee wellbeing?

We provide various metrics for you to understand how Olaf impacts your organisation. They help to understand what kind of perks your employees prefer, what is the best time during the week to enjoy the perks, what is your average spend per employee and more.

Proper statistics is usually available first after 3 months of using the platform. 

Can I get a free trial?

You can request a demo account to explore our platform. For this, please get in touch with us here. Your demo account will be fully functional except that the services you book won’t be confirmed and fulfilled.

How do I define the perk budget for my company?

First of all, set your budget per employee per month. Multiply it by the total number of your employees, and that would be your monthly cost for Olaf. 

To make the most out of Olaf, we recommend to set the monthly employee allowance at 100€ / 100£ or higher. The allowance of under 50€ / 50£ won’t allow employees to properly enjoy the perk variety. 

With the time, you will be able to adjust the allowance based on company perk consumption & employee needs.

Can our company use our existing perks on Olaf platform?

Yes, it is possible in most cases. Please reach out to us here to discuss the integration.

What happens to unused perk budget at the end of the month?

Your not used account balance will always roll over to the next month.

What happens to my not used perk budget if I cancel Olaf?

We will reimburse all pre-paid amounts that you have not used. This may take up to 2 weeks after you deactivate your account.

Want to know more?

We are happy to jump on a quick call with you and tell more about how Olaf works!

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