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Work-life balance for remote teams matters

20% of remote employees report unplugging from work as their biggest challenge

Coping with work stress through hobbies

Extensive working hours, combined with little physical activity can be exhausting. Pursuing favourite hobbies, and truly unplugging from work will help your employees stay productive, refreshed and motivated.

Embracing learning opportunities during a crisis

COVID-19 is a challenging time for everyone. But also a great way to accomplish what has been delayed for ages - like learning a language or playing an instrument! Help your staff to boost their learning curve.

Helping every employee with recharging 

Everyone needs some rest after work. Lego, video or board games are great ways to restore and exhausted mind & diminish stress levels. With Olaf, your employees get access to all of these perks right away.

Allow employees to choose what works best for them


Empower your employees with perks that unleash their creativity - online & accessible from home

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Mental Health Support

Mental Health & Meditation

Courses and meditations, coaches and licensed therapists

Household Support


Wage tracking, savings management and furloughed staff support

Mental Health Support

Fitness & Yoga Programs

Remote fitness classes, online yoga & health lifestyle apps

Household Support

Diet & Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition advice mobile apps & customized meal plans