We Are Olaf

A team on a mission to enable workplace wellbeing in modern organisations, enhancing employee experiences worldwide.

Our product is a modern workplace platform for employee well-being, helping teams in every workplace perform at the top of their game.

What we believe in

We believe that every employer is responsible for empowering their people to lead meaningful and fulfilling life at work.

We believe that great customer experiences start with great employee experiences.

We believe that your work time should be spent in comfort with your daily tasks, your colleagues and office space. To make you feel energised, valued and happy.

Our solutions

We combine leading human understanding and technology to design wellbeing solutions that help people and organisations be at their best.

Olaf is a unified platform that enhances every stage of the employee experience, through:

  • Health and wellbeing perks
  • Feedback and communication
  • Pre & Onboarding
  • Learning and development

Join us in creating in making health-destroying workplaces a thing of the past.

About Olaf platform