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Provide household support services so that employees can focus on what matters

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From babysitting & house cleaning to food delivery

There's a variety of services that make remote work more enjoyable for those who stay at home

Help employees stay organized during remote work

While employees are at home almost 24/7, there's a real need to clean and maintain the house more frequently. As it's a burden for the very many, household cleaners can be a perfect rescue solution.

Minimize distractions of your employees

Children tend to take more advantage of parents when they work from home. As a result, employees are distracted and less concentrated. Babysitters can help out in this situation that is known to many.

Win back time for your employees

Delivery of groceries from supermarkets and on-demand food are great alternatives to in-person grocery shopping, especially in the COVID-19, when social distancing has to be maintained.

Allow employees to choose what works best for them


Offer household support services for employees - so that work can run smoothly

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