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Fit employees are more productive & energetic

Physical activity is the key to better performance & less stress at work

Help employees stay in shape

Lack of movement in the home office has a direct impact on employees' physical condition & wellbeing.

Access to even basic sports types & yogas is essential for employee wellbeing and directly improves work productivity and results of your business.

Support employees in their training routines

When gyms & fitness studios are closed, home workouts are the best substitute. Remote fitness programs, high-intensity interval training & yoga courses are here to help your staff overcome the negative effects of a lockdown or long working hours in the home office.

Reach better results with healthy staff

Workouts are great not just for health but also for brain activity - physical training boosts productivity & performance.

Fit employees are rarely affected by mental disorders and are less likely to get sick. Instead, they have more energy and a more positive attitude towards any challenge.

Allow employees to choose what works best for them


Offer online fitness programs & yoga to your employees in home office

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