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Your employee wellbeing starter kit

Over 60 perk offers - booked & delivered online. For each & everyone in your team

Mental Health Support

Mental Health & Meditation

Courses and meditations, coaches and licensed therapists

Childcare Assistance & Babysitting


Wage tracking, savings management and furloughed staff support

Mental Health Support

Fitness & Yoga Programs

Remote fitness classes, online yoga & health lifestyle apps

Household Support

Diet & Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition advice mobile apps & customized meal plans


Create the ultimate employee experience

Let your employees choose from the best offers around mental health, fitness, nutrition & household support. Our perks are specifically tailored to new remote work realities.

Olaf is a platform to book and manage wellbeing perks.

Stay on track with your company's pulse

Being informed about the wellbeing of your remote employees has never been easier. We help you predict & prevent possible performance drops.

Adjust perks & budgets for each month - stay flexible.

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Here is what our customers are saying

"I encourage every one at my company to take advantage of this wonderful benefit, and I hope that more companies offer this to their employees."

Djois F. Sronipah
Djois F. Sronipah


"As a true enabler of modern employee wellbeing, Olaf will take a market leadership position in the coming years."

Dimitri Shvets
Dimitri Shvets

Managing Partner, IG.VC

"Our team has enjoyed Olaf from the beginning and I'm truly happy that it allows us to see the broader picture of employee wellbeing in the company."

Eda Holmberg
Eda Holmberg

Chief of People, Quantum Solutions

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And get 3 months for free*

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